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Sylvia Avontuur

Sylvia Avontuur CEO / founder

Inspired by the ever-evolving world of PR & branding, I have gained a deeper understanding of design thinking and inside-out strategies over the years. I thrive in innovative environments that enable me to guide durable brands in their journey – from strategic PR, content marketing to trans-medial storytelling and influencer campaigns. And what better place to do so than at Press Only, the PR agency I have founded more than 20 years ago. By consistently offering creative & strategic PR to our partners we have been building a sustainable portfolio of brands in various segments. For more about my insights please have a look at my articles.


Eva Spigt

Eva Spigt PR Manager

Never a dull moment at our PR agency! One day you’re brainstorming with a client about their PR strategy and the next day you’re organizing an event. We like to get influencers away from their screens and let them experience adventures offline. Inspiring them to join a healthy lifestyle or viewing the latest fashion designs. Of course I participate in these events as well, resulting in doing a Spartan Race, a Les Mills work-out or hosting an exclusive dinner with leading fashion authorities. After successfully developing my own protein shake brand and webshop, I was looking for a new challenge. And that is exactly what I found in my job as a PR manager at Unfold | Press Only.


Tania Bongers

Tania Bongers Brand + PR Consultant

Working as PR manager at International organizations has taught me a great deal about branding & fashion/corporate PR. After a master study in Brand & Reputation Management, I decided to switch to a local PR agency to broaden my experience. What I like best at Press Only is the high quality of work, and the diversity of the brands within the agency. Some of our clients are very fashion or design-minded, whilst other focus on innovation & sustainability, or travels to exotic places. Experienced in both corporate as agency PR I have a clear understanding of what our clients expect, and how to create successful media- strategies.


Bo Haberland

Bo Haberland PR Manager Lifestyle

One of the things I love most about my job is balancing the dynamics between the on- and offline world. I see it as a sport to create the right influencer collaboration at the right time with our brands. Besides the online side of my job I love to organise offline events. Advising the brands we work for in what’s best and what’s not is about creating a transparant relationship. I’d like to keep it honest with my relations, to get the best out of the project. I am lucky that I work with fashion and design brands, because both give me inspiration to get new things done. The two complement each other.


Amine Ouadrhiri

Amine Ouadrhiri Director of photography

Making content for a diversity of brands inspires me every day. I love to film, to take photos and work with people. Always seeking the perfect balance between the brands vision and her audience. To achieve up-to-date esthetic content I explore the latest technologies and aim to perfect my work every single time.


Tessa de Wit

Tessa de Wit Showroom Manager Fashion

When it comes to the showroom, I am determined to create an approachable vibe in our fashion PR Agency Amsterdam. Working with open walk-in hours, it is important that stylists & journalists feel free to come by for a drink to view our latest brands. I truly enjoy playing around in finding the right item matches. Our showroom is open for press from Monday to Friday from 9.30 till 18.00 hrs. Looking forward to showing your all the brands at our beautiful venue on the Prinsengracht 715.


Morene Dekker

Morene Dekker Sports PR Consultant

Effort, perseverance, endurance, desire, bliss-sports cause a range of emotions that contribute to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Being a sports coach, I have always felt the need to guide others through that emotional journey. Although, there are many ways to pitch a story, in my experience as a PR consultant, sweating it out in real life is the best way to introduce media creators to the latest sport trends and innovations. By sharing an unfamiliar sport activity and introducing suitable items, I get to keep storytellers on the forefront while doing what I love.


Belinda Glöckler

Belinda Glöckler Beauty PR Consultant

Belinda is renowned for the combination of inspiration and integrity that underpins her work for high profile, high quality brands and products. Clients particularly appreciate her knowledge and experience, built up over the course of an exciting international career. Belinda is passionate about good journalism. This, in turn, contributes to her reputation for helping the press to position and adapt stories for a wide range of editorial audiences. She is also fascinated by the branding process and loves to contribute to the creation of brands, as well as their ongoing maintenance and evolution.